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Body Found Outside 30th Street Station ID'd As Missing Delaware County Woman

By Syma Chowdhry, Elizabeth Hur

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- New details are emerging after a woman was found dead in her car near 30th Street Station Thursday.

The mother of two had been missing since earlier this month. Her Nissan was found Thursday parked on 30th Street between Market and Chestnut Streets.

"Some people were calling 911 to report that the vehicle was parked illegally, looking like seven or eight parking tickets from the Parking Authority were issued," Lt. John Walker explained.

On February 10th, 22-year-old Nadia Malik was reported missing from Marple Township, Delaware County. On Thursday morning, her body was found in the passenger seat of her Nissan. Of the multiple tickets issued by the Parking Authority, police say the first ticket was dated: February 10th at a different location.

"At 23rd and Market outside the PECO building. On the 14th of the month, the parking authority, as part of our snow detail for the emergency plan had towed the car over to where it was found today. It's possible the body could have been in the car at that point but we won't be able to determine that until tomorrow's post examination by the medical examiner," Lt. Walker explained.

Police say the body went unnoticed because the car was buried in snow, the windows were heavily tinted and a large gym bag had been thrown over her body inside.

"Appears from the dirt on the windshield that the car was probably snow covered and the way she was slumped over and positioned in the passenger seat, you really couldn't see inside the car," Walker said.

Marple Police Chief Tom Murray added, "Right now it is a suspicious death. Until the M.E. tells us otherwise, that's the way we're treating it."

For answers, police say they are now turning to the person last seen with Malik: Her ex-boyfriend.

"We want to talk to him. We want to know what he knows and what he'll share with us," Murray said.

Police say they tracked down the ex-boyfriend in Ohio and took him into custody for an unrelated parole violation. Officials say he is now awaiting an extradition hearing.

Malik's death, in the meantime, remains under investigation.

We're told while there are no obvious signs of foul play, an autopsy will be performed on Friday to determine how and when she died.

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