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As Season's Snow Totals Rise, So Does Amount Of Money Residents Are Spending

By Suzanne Monaghan

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Many people who lost power during the ice storm last week are just getting their lives back to normal. But already they're bracing for another winter hit and hoping this storm doesn't cause the same hit to the wallet.

Rock salt, shovels, snow blowers, eating out, pet boarding, hotel stays, generators and tree removal are just some of the unexpected expenses people are finding themselves faced with this winter.

"I'd say, at least $150 extra, plus food loss and everything like that."

But Mary Alice Greto of Pheonixville was grateful she could wait out her three-day power outage at her parents' home.

Lorie McCracken's family is adding up what her family spent because of last week's ice storm.

"Hotel that we had to go to that would take all our pets and us. Food, we had to throw everything out, everything we had in the refrigerator and freezer, had to restock, eating out the days that we were out of the house," McCracken said.

So how three days without power at their Media, Delaware County home, cost their family:

"Close to $1,000," McCracken said.

And they still need to get an estimate on tree-removal, so that grand is just the tip of the iceberg.

Kelly Hudson of Tredyffrin Township estimates the ice storm cost her family about $500 and made her job more challenging.

"You weren't really allowed to drive anywhere because the utility trucks would close roads. So it was frustrating as a realtor to also convey that to clients who were living life as normal," Hudson said.

And they're hoping the lights stay on during this next winter wallop.

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