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"Please call the police:" Yonkers cafe helps save woman thanks to note on Grubhub order

Woman makes desperate call for help on GrubHub delivery order
Woman makes desperate call for help on GrubHub delivery order 01:28

YONKERS -- A Yonkers cafe helped police rescue a hostage in the Bronx, thanks to a message on Grubhub.

CBS2's Jessica Moore reports on how quick-thinking employees may have saved someone's life.

The order came in to the Chipper Truck Cafe at 5 a.m. Saturday -- an Irish breakfast sandwich, a cheeseburger, and an alarming note.

"People normally put notes like, 'Can you leave it in my driveway? Can I have extra syrup in my order? Can I have an extra soda?" But never something like this," employee Alicia Berme told Moore.

In what appears to be a hurried message, the person ordering wrote in part, "please call the police... please don't make it obvious."

"The message came in, and the girls read it and they called my husband to see what they should do," owner Alice Bermejo said. "He told them, let's call the police, we can't take any risk or chance."

Once the order left with the Grubhub driver, the owners say they had no idea what happened with the woman, until someone called the restaurant the next day thanking them for helping her.

"We were really happy," Berme said.

"How did that make you feel to know your employees did the right thing?" Moore asked.

"Extremely proud, extremely proud of them," Bermejo replied.

"Once we pack the bags and send it out, that's it. The fact that they saw that before they sent it out, they couldn't just left it as the driver's problem. But they didn't," she continued.

"To know you could have saved someone's life," Moore said.

"It's insane. You never think you're going to be the person to do that or that the situation is going to happen to you," Berme said.

The victim was taken to the hospital. Sources say the 32-year-old suspect is facing multiple charges, including rape, strangulation and unlawful imprisonment.

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