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Westchester Woman Sentenced In Deadly Wrong-Way Drunk Driving Crash

WHITE PLAINS, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) -- The daughter of a couple killed in a head-on crash in Westchester last fall, spoke at the sentencing of the woman convicted of drunk driving.

Carmelo Sbezzi, 81, and his Wife Henrietta, 82, were killed last October by drunk driver Michelle Bonet.

The couple's daughter spoke at Bonet's sentencing.

"You slaughtered two innocent, loving, caring, beautiful people, and forever caused senseless and extreme pain," she said.

As CBS2's Jessica Borg reported, prosecutors said Bonet -- a mother of three -- dropped one of her kids off at school, and then spent hours drinking at a bar in the Hartsdale section of Greenburgh.

She made it about a 1/2 mile before crossing the double yellow line on West Hartsdale Avenue, and slamming her minivan head on into the Sbezzis.

Bonet was going almost double the 30 mph speed limit -- her blood alcohol level was more than three times the legal limit.

The judge reminded her she was so drunk she never even stepped on the brakes before the impact, and barely missed hitting a teenage driver who managed to swerve out of the way.

The fatal crash happened on their daughter's birthday.

"I know you try to paint a picture of yourself as a first time offender and mom, but I can assure you, no one can consume as much alcohol as you did, and be a first time offender. It was just the first time you were caught," Erica said.

Bonet was convicted of vehicular manslaughter. She expressed remorse and shame.

"I will forever regret the choices that I made that day. I will never ask to be forgiven," she said.

The judge sentenced Bonet to a minimum of four years in state prison and a maximum of twelve.

It's a punishment the Sbezzi's family thinks is fair.

"I'm feeling justice was served. Michelle Bonet is now in prison," Erica said.

The Sbezzi's daughter said she plans to work with Mothers Against Drunk Driving which advocates for drunk driving victims and heartbroken families like her own.

Prosecutors said Bonet also had Valium in her system at the time of the crash.


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