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Worst Air Quality In NY Found On Staten Island

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- Staten Island has the worst ozone levels in New York according to the American Lung Associations' 2018 "State of the Air" report.

According to the report, 9.4 million New Yorkers across nine counties are breathing unhealthy air, which can cause asthma and lung disease.

"The Lung Association in New York calls on our members of congress to defend the clean air act, currently under threat from those who want to weaken this effective public health law," said Michael Seilback, vice president of public policy and communications at the American Lung Association.

The New York City metro area rated as the tenth most polluted areas for ozone in the United States.

"We also call on the U.S. environmental protection agency to implement and enforce the law instead of trying to roll back major safeguards like the clean power plan and cleaner cars, both steps that help us fight climate change and reduce air pollution," Seilback said.

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