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Which 'Healthy' Foods Aren't So Healthy, After All?

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- Don't let those labels fool you - fat-free foods aren't always the healthiest choices.

On The Couch, we're sinking our teeth into the facts about "healthy" foods that are not-so-healthy, after all.

New York Times bestselling author of "Sass Yourself Slim," nutritionist Cynthia Sass, had some surprising facts about food.

Some of the hidden offenders?

Fat-free pretzels: Pretzels are made from refined white flour and are dense in carbohydrates. An average bag of pretzels is average carb equivalent to an entire loaf of bread. organic popcorn instead.

Spinach wraps: What are often disguised a healthy alternative to bread, spinach wraps are also filled with white flour. Use outer romaine leaves or whole corn tortillas instead.

Reduced fat peanut butter: The regular version of peanut butter has the exact number of calories as the reduced-fat version. Additionally,  the reduced-fat alternative has almost twice the carbohydrate content. Go for the real thing instead - or try natural almond butter.

Sushi: Tempura rolls can have more calories than a burger. Try leaner sushi or black rice sushi instead.

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