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People Are Throwing Cheese At Babies And Social Media Won't Stop Enjoying It

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – There's a new internet craze sweeping social media and it's leaving many people scratching their heads – especially the babies at the butt of this odd joke.

Parents, relatives, friends, and anyone with an infant in range have started flinging slices of cheese in their toddlers' faces.

One of the first - or at least the most popular - culprits of the new "cheesing" prank was posted on Feb. 28 by Twitter user @unclehxlmes. His video has since been taken off of social media, but the six-second clip shared all over the internet was reportedly viewed over 10 million times before the user took it down. The viral sensation captured the Twitter user tossing a slice of yellow cheese right into his baby brother's face, sticking to the infant's cheek as he looks up in disbelief at his brother's dairy misdeed.

Since then the "cheesing" craze has caught fire, with pint-sized victims being ambushed with cheese across the country.

Apparently the cheese tossers aren't the only ones who can't get enough of this new fad. Dozens of videos posted on social media are racking up tens of thousands of likes and shares from people just as amused by sticking dairy slices on an infant's head.

From the Tide Pod challenge to the "Bird Box" challenge, the internet has churned out its share of harebrained ideas. Cheesing little children? That may take the cake, or at least the cheese wheel.

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