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Teen Found Drunk, Unresponsive In Stamford High Football Stadium

STAMFORD, Conn. (CBSNewYork) --  A Stamford high school student was found drunk and unconscious on school grounds on Thursday morning and it was all recorded on a cell phone camera.

It was a brush with death at a high school football stadium, CBS 2's Lou Young reported. The principal at Stamford High and her staff rushed to the aid of a freshman girl who had been left by her teen drinking buddies before the start of school Wednesday.

"It was horrific. She passed out. She was breathing. She had shorts on. She was freezing. It was 27 degrees out. If we had not gotten to her it would've been fatal," Stamford High School Principal Donna Valentine told Young.

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After two hours at Stamford Hospital, the teen was transferred to Yale New-Haven Hospital to be treated, authorities said.

It was act of indifference among some of the youngest students that has horrified upper classmen.


WCBS 880's Fran Schneidau speaks to a Sgt. Joe Kennedy of the Youth Bureau

"It's ridiculous how girls think its okay to do that. The guys left her unconscious at the stadium not knowing what to do," senior Aisha Agerbe said.

"That's something that I never heard of and never would do. Yeah, it's shocking to know," senior Vanessa Reyes said.

The teens apparently thought the snow-covered stadium would be good cover for a morning drinking binge. Young was told they consumed vodka, pot, and two kinds of sweet, fortified malt liquor. It's shocking enough that they were drinking in the morning, but they also were apparently unconcerned that the girl was passed out against a wall, in medical distress, unresponsive; poisoned by the party.

"It could've been a disaster. It really could've been," Stamford Police Sgt. Joseph Kennedy said.

The police quickly arrested two 15-year-old boys, including one who took video of the drunk girl on his cell phone. It was the video, in fact, that tipped the high school to the girl's whereabouts as the teens in the stadium bleachers watched her start to slip away.

"They turned her on her side so she wouldn't swallow her own vomit, but none of them thought about calling 911. They were more worried about what kind of trouble she was going to get in and what kind of trouble they were going to get in," Valentine said.

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