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How CPR & AED made all the difference for Damar Hamlin

How CPR and AED helped save Damar Hamlin
How CPR and AED helped save Damar Hamlin 05:26

NEW YORK -- It has been a week since the world watched in horror as Buffalo Bills defensive back Damar Hamlin suffered a sudden cardiac arrest and collapsed during the game. 

The incident raised questions about why sudden cardiac death happens and served as a reminder that every second counts when it does. 

Dr. Nidhi Kumar is On Call for CBS2 with life saving information.

"911 and initiate CPR. Good chest compressions are as effective as chest compressions with rescue breath. So we don't want people to hesitate doing chest compressions or CRP," she explained. "But the definitive treatment is really with defibrillation with an AED. Deploying a shock to the chest will reset the heart rhythm. Every minute that goes by without defibrillation, mortality increases by 10%." 

Watch her full interview above for more information. 

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