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Students Laugh Off Racy 'Diesel' Ad Campaign

NEW YORK (CBS 2) -- A racy new ad campaign for the clothing company Diesel -- created at the Brooklyn School of Law -- is causing some controversy.

The ad features scantily clad models playing peek-a-boo in the stacks of the serious study space.

In March, when students were away, the school rented out the library for the photoshoot. School administrators said they felt tricked and that the photos were not what they expected.

"When we gave Diesel jeans permission to do a photo shoot, we understood that jeans, and not what is worn under them, would be the subject of the shoot. We would not want to create the impression that the featured attire was approved by us," school officials said in a statement.

"Apparently the administration was told the photos would be in good taste and clearly...[the] contrary," one student said.

For law students at the school, however, there were bigger things to think about -- less time staring at briefs and more time filing them.

The vast majority of students that CBS 2's Dave Carlin spoke to took the ad campaign in stride and found it amusing.

"Well it is a very sexy library I have to say," Alison Matela said.

Another student named Marty told Carlin it was "bizarre to think you're sitting at a table where some of this stuff went down."

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