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Seen At 11: Put On Your Best Facebook Face

NEW YORK (CBS 2) -- Whether you post your own photographs online or friends tag you in others, millions of people use social medial to stay in touch. And to look their very best, many women are opting for cosmetic procedures to have the perfect profile for Facebook.

"It's kind of this obsession about wanting to get liked on a picture," one person told CBS 2's Christine Johnson.

"It's nice when you look good and when somebody tells you you look good," Marija Vrbancic said.

We all want to put our best face forward on Facebook

"A lot of my friends from abroad are in different cities so they follow my life and I follow their life. We keep in touch and that's how we communicate and so it's natural to want to look good," Sonia Bambdas said.

Bambdas works from home and makes her own hours, so she's able to fit in extra time on Facebook.

"I want to look good and feel good about myself, but it's also nice to get feedback from other people that you look good. It adds to the incentive I would say," Bambdas said.

To help keep her online profile picture perfect, Bambdas said she visited Dr. Joseph Eviatar for several cosmetic procedures.

"You know, people date. They look people up. It's like they look up their Facebook profile, you know, you get a job. Most people will now look at Facebook and look at social media and Google people and see what's out there on them," Dr. Eviatar said.

Eviatar knows how men and women see themselves, and would like others to see them on social media, has become a factor in their decision to have procedures done.

"I find that people are afraid of what's gonna be posted," Dr. Eviatar said.

Psychologist Dr. Jane Greer agrees that more than ever, people want to control and feel confident in how they appear in pictures online.

"The way that social media has now taken hold in our culture, everybody is much more exposed, on display. Everybody's posing for pictures, whether it's intentional or not," Dr. Greer said.

"I go to events, get photographed. Some other people can put me on Facebook and social media even if I don't want to," Bambdas said.

"It's finding that middle ground and the balance between what you will do to look, to feel your best and how will it enhance your self-esteem and your confidence," Dr. Greer added.

Another alternative some use is to scour Facebook and take down unflattering photos of themselves.

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