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Seen At 11: Don't Fall Victim To The One-Ring Scam

NEW YORK(CBSNewYork) -- Returning a missed call from an unknown number might be tempting, but it could cost you.

Scam artists are tricking thousands of people with a one-ring scam, CBS 2's Kristine Johnson reported.

The goal is to get the victim to call the unknown number back. People from all over the world are talking about it online, and in the U.S. the Better Business Bureau has issued a warning; don't call back, or else.

"You will get an operator who will put you on hold and it's an international call so you're getting charged by the minute and for an international call," Claire Rosenzweig, Better Business Bureau of New York, explained.

The call can be as expensive as dialing a 900 number.

"It's one of the more clever scams I've seen," Mark Chidichimo said.

Chidichimo received one of the calls but thought better of calling back.

The calls look like domestic calls and come from 268, 809, 876, 284, and 473, area codes.

Rosenzweig said that victims may think that the calls are coming from family or friends.

"You're just playing right into what these people are hoping you're going to do," she explained.

She added that a simple online search before calling back could expose a scam number.

"Double check your phone bills because this may have happened and you may not even realize it," Rosenzweig said.

If you do find these charges on your cell phone bill the Better Business Bureau says that you should contact your carrier to try to work the issue out.

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