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WATCH: Two Predators Fans Celebrate Game 4 Win With Make-Out Session On Live TV

Bryan Altman

The Nashville Predators took down the Pittsburgh Penguins in Game 4 on Monday night by a final of 4-1, and the win simultaneously made the Stanley Cup Final series a 2-2 tie, and made the entire city of Nashville lose its mind.

Some fans danced in the streets, some shouted "we want the Cup," some high-fived and hugged joyously, but none of their celebrations compared to the couple that vigorously made out on live TV immediately following the Preds' big win.

WSMV reporter Chris Harris was live from the scene of the celebration in Nashville when two love-struck Preds fans started going at it on camera without a care in the world.

Near the end of his spot, Harris was apparently made aware of what was going on behind him and responded perfectly.

"People are fired up," he said. "You see what's happening here? We may have like conception going on. ... Are you kidding me? Are you kidding me? This is how it is in Smashville, baby!"

On thing's for sure, if the Predators end up winning the Cup, Smashville is going to be absolutely berserk.

If Game 4 was any indication, it's probably a safe bet that Nashville will have some Stanley Cup babies being born in about nine months from now.

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