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Person of interest in SoHo hotel homicide arrested in Arizona, NYPD says

NYPD: Suspect arrested in SoHo hotel death may be connected to other crimes
NYPD: Suspect arrested in SoHo hotel death may be connected to other crimes 02:37

NEW YORK -- A man wanted in connection to a suspected murder at a SoHo hotel was behind bars on Tuesday in Arizona, and police say he could be responsible for attacking other women nationwide.

The suspect, Raad Almansoori, has a history of arrests in Arizona, Florida and Texas.

A key piece of evidence that connected him to the crime in New York was a clear surveillance picture of the suspect wearing distinct leggings that police say belonged to the victim.

On Feb. 8, 38-year-old Denisse Oleas-Arancibia was found dead inside a room by a hotel employee

The NYPD says after the homicide on Feb. 8, the suspect flew to Arizona and allegedly committed more crimes, and police believe there could be other victims around the country.

"Make sure that we let communities around the country know that they should be aware of who this person is," said NYPD Deputy Commissioner of Public Information Tarik Sheppard.

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Person of interest in SoHo hotel homicide arrested in Arizona, NYPD says 03:01

The NYPD issued a plea, asking any member of the public who has had contact with Almansoori to call police. The 26-year-old is accused of two stabbings in Arizona, where he was arrested.

"While in the custody of Arizona law enforcement, he informs them that he is wanted for homicide in New York City and tells the cops that they should Google 'SoHo 54 Hotel,'" NYPD Chief of Detectives Joseph Kenny said.

But police had been hot on his trail after they say he left a receipt inside a pair of bloody trousers in that hotel room. Detectives say the victim was hit with an iron in a brutal attack.

"A broken iron was recovered at the scene and recovered bits of plastic that were found embedded inside of her skull," Kenny said.

Investigators said the pair had been in contact prior to meeting at the hotel, and it seems there was a dispute over the time he was allowed to stay in the room.

Police sources said he left the hotel wearing the victim's leggings and believe it's because there was blood on his clothing.

The NYPD is pointing to an extensive out-of-state arrest history, with the most notable back in April in Florida.

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Man accused in crimes in multiple states wanted in SoHo hotel murder 02:48

"Where he kidnapped and sexually assaulted a female. He was arrested on that charge and later posted his bail," Kenny said.

Police broke down a timeline leading up to Almansoori's latest arrest:

  • On Jan. 26, he allegedly purchased a plane ticket from Florida to New York.
  • They say his credit card was used on Jan. 29 in New York City.
  • On Feb. 6, police say he visited an escort in Upper Manhattan. Within the next two days there was the homicide at the SoHo hotel.
  • On Feb. 12, he flew to Arizona, where police say he committed two more crimes.

"On February 17, 2024, just nine days after our victim was discovered in New York City, he committed a knifepoint carjacking in Phoenix, Arizona, where he stabbed his female victim. He managed to escape that scene. The very next day in Surprise, Arizona, he dragged a female employee of a McDonald's into the ladies room, held her against her will, and stabbed her several times," Kenny said.

Almansoori was then arrested, police said, for driving a stolen car.

"Majority of his arrests involved domestic violence and assault," Kenny said.

"Anywhere that he's visited, there's potential that there are other victims," Sheppard said.

The Manhattan District Attorney's Office sent prosecutors to Arizona to work on extradition. The NYPD is working with the FBI to see if he's connected to other crimes.

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