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Pasta, Plant-Based Meat, Tequila: Top Food & Drink Trends As People Celebrate Holidays

PARAMUS, N.J. (CBSNewYork) -- With the holiday season in full swing, people are celebrating with a lot of food.

CBS2's Cindy Hsu looks at the top food trends.

Pasta is making a comeback, according to the Specialty Food Association. A category that was hit hard by keto and low-carb diets became a comfort food as many stayed home during COVID.

Also on the list: plant-based foods, such as patties and meatballs. Nevin Philip from Stew Leonard's said they've seen a 20% increase in sales of these alternatives to meat.

Snack foods are hot with chips coming in flavors from all over the world and creations you wouldn't have thought possible.

"This is a vegan, plant-based pork rind. You wouldn't think of that as a traditional chip option, but it's great tasting. You wouldn't even know that it was vegan," said Philip.

On the sweet side, ice cream flavors have become creative than ever with influences from around the globe.

Peppers made the list - from chili peppers to dried peppers and chili flakes.

Philip said seafood sales are way up, as well.

"Our seafood and our shellfish categories increased exponentially because people are, again, experimenting. They're not afraid to cook and try seafood once in a while," Philip said.

Many are turning to organic produce, which Philip said is up 150%. Citrus leads the pack.

"It's an immune booster, high in vitamin C. People are very conscious about their health right now and anything to give them a little bit of an edge," Philip said.

Finally, the bar.

"People are cooking at home and people are drinking more at home. Spirits are up 20%, tequila is up 150%," said Philip. "Our top item, Casamigos tequila, I mean you can't even keep it on the shelf."

There are more options than ever for non-drinkers: non-alcoholic spirits, wines and mixers, along with some unusual creations from a pickle juice chaser to a cocktail mix that's also a recovery shot for runners.

There's something for everyone.

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