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Orange County joins Rockland in declaring state of emergency over Mayor Adams' plan to bus asylum seekers to suburbs

Orange County declares state of emergency over asylum seekers from NYC
Orange County declares state of emergency over asylum seekers from NYC 02:45

ORANGEBURG, N.Y. -- Two suburban counties are vowing to stop hundreds of asylum seekers from being bussed in from New York City

Orange County Executive Steven Neuhaus joined neighboring Rockland County Executive Ed Day in declaring a state of emergency

"We are now declaring a state of emergency because we just don't know what the vetting process is. Who are they?" said Neuhaus. 

Neuhaus and Day, both Republicans, are against Democrat Mayor Eric Adams' plan to bus in around 300 single men to live in hotels in the suburbs. 

Day accused Adams of doing exactly what he complained about when the governors of Texas and Florida sent migrants to New York without consulting the city. 

"It is hypocritical, and frankly it is maddening to then turn around and do the exact same thing to a county that isn't even a sanctuary county. We are not equipped humanely to assist these individuals, which eventually we're going to have to do.  But we do not have the infrastructure to do this," Day said. 

Rockland County declares emergency over expected arrival of asylum seekers 55:51

An Adams spokesperson said Rockland would get a tiny fraction of the 61,000 asylum seekers the city is trying to help, and the city would pay for all necessary services. 

"We need the federal government to step up, but until they do, we need other elected officials around the state and country to do their part," said city spokesman Fabien Levy

Levy said Day is engaging in "racist rhetoric and reprehensible threats" by trying to block the relocation. 

Rep. Mike Lawler, another Republican, defended Day. 

"The only one who's morally bankrupt here is Eric Adams. He's a hypocrite," Lawler said. 

Adams and Day find common ground in criticizing the Biden administration. Both feel Washington has failed to properly manage the crisis of asylum seekers crossing the border. 

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Rockland County at odds with NYC over housing asylum seekers 03:51

The vast majority of taxpayers we spoke with in Rockland County said they don't want asylum seekers moving in next door. 

"I have two small children. I'm concerned for their safety and for my family's safety," an Orangeburg resident said. 

Monday, a sheriff's patrol car monitored I-87 for any buses carrying asylum seekers while another regularly patrolled the perimeter of the Armoni Inn and Suites in Orangeburg, one of at least two hotels expecting to receive the buses from the city. 

Orangetown officials said mattresses were delivered to the hotel over the weekend. Building and fire inspectors visited and found medical supplies and uniforms. 

"This is going to be a New York City-run shelter in the town of Orangetown. Our town code does not allow that. Last night they were served notice of violation," said Orangetown Supervisor Teresa Kenny said. 

But with strong opposition and possible legal challengers, it's unclear when the city might start to move the asylum seekers. 

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