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Old Navy Cans Irish T-Shirts

NEW YORK (CBS 2) -- There's outrage over t-shirts that some say unfairly stereotypes the Irish.

Two t-shirts are no longer being sold in Old Navy stores. One reads "Irish I was drunk," and the other reads "Party like you're Irish' with Snoopy holding a mug that says root beer.

Reaction to the t-shirts was mixed.

"I could definitely see how some people could be offended. I'm not personally offended by it," said Kristin O'Leary.

"Can't you find another way to sell t-shirts than intimating they're all drunks?" complained Keith Wilson of the Bronx.

When CBS 2 contacted Old Navy's parent company Gap about the shirts, a spokeswoman said:  "We recognize these t-shirts went too far and we sincerely apologize to the Irish community for any offense caused. We are removing all units from the stores and online as soon as physically possible."

Do you find the shirts offensive? Do you think Old Navy did the right thing pulling the product off their shelves? Let us know below!

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