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NYC's 5 Best Spicy Meals For 2012

With New York's plethora of cuisines, it's easy to find foods so spicy your tongue catches fire. It's best to look for restaurants with Asian influences like Thai, Indian or Szechuan. Here's a list of "must visit" for those who like spicing it up. By Siobhan Wallace.

Bricklane Curry House
(credit: Bricklane Curry House)

Bricklane Curry House specializes in delicious Indian food, but it's their Phaal that's makes them famous. Billed as "an excruciatingly hot curry, more pain and sweat," finishing the dish will get you in the (P)hall of Fame complete with a picture on the wall.

Zabb Elee
(credit: Zabb Elee)

Zabb Elee opened last year ready to bring Thai spicy to New York, and they haven't failed. You'll be asked your spice level on a scale of one to five, the most dangerous being five. Get their pla goong, a steamed shrimp salad, so delicious you won't stop even when tears stream down your face.

Szechuan Gourmet
(credit: Szechuan Gourmet)

Szechuan Gourmet is a constantly bustling Midtown spot--the original restaurant is in Flushing--that does multidimensional spicy. Pick anything off their menu done in the "ma la" style, and you can be certain to have the after effects of Sichuan peppercorns and chiles dancing on your tongue within seconds.

Spicy Hot Oil Seared Hand-Ripped Noodles

Xi'an was the first capital of China, starting point of the Silk Road, and home to some of the spiciest food in China. Xi'an Famous Foods' menu is composed of old family recipes, but try their Spicy Hot Oil Seared Hand-Ripped Noodles. The noodles are cooked in red chili oil, and radiate heat.

Grand Sichuan

Sunset Park has a large Asian community, and instead of trekking into the city, they head to Bay Ridge for spicy heat at Grand Sichuan House. Dishes to try include their Ma Po Tofu or Spicy Crab (you'll want to eat the chiles.)

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