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Voters Decide: New Jersey Gubernatorial Candidates Making Last-Minute Pleas For Votes Before Election Day

PATERSON, N.J. (CBSNewYork) -- The New Jersey governor's race is now in the homestretch with Election Day on Tuesday.

Both candidates are making last-minute pleas for votes all over the state.

Republican Jack Ciattarelli cast his ballot Friday morning during early voting in New Jersey.

"At the end of the day, the election is all about VBMs, vote-by-mail ballots, and the turnout on Tuesday," he said.

Then he addressed supporters in Bridgewater at an early voting party, asking them to spread the word.

"With regard to voter integrity, let me say this -- this year's system is fair. I don't want anybody staying home because they think we can't win," he said.

Meanwhile, in Paterson, Gov. Phil Murphy, who cast his early ballot last weekend, addressed seniors at an adult day health center early vote rally.

"I need you. I need you to vote," he said. "Whether by mail, early in-person or on Tuesday."


Earlier this week, the final Monmouth University poll was released, showing Murphy with 50% and Ciattarelli with 39% support of registered voters.

Friday, a Fairleigh Dickinson University poll gave Murphy a nine-point lead over Ciattarelli, 53 to 44.

Both candidates say they aren't paying too much attention to poll numbers.

"They're fine institutions, Monmouth and Stockton, I've got no issue with that. We've been running like we're ten points behind," Murphy said.

"We are gonna win. There are positive signs of this everywhere," Ciattarelli said.

CBS2's Alice Gainer talked to registered voters about how they're voting, who they're voting for and what issues matter most.

"On both sides, you get so tired of listening to the same TV commercials," one person said.

"I do feel like taxes is a big issue. I feel like one of those, but crime is, for me, I feel like that's the bigger issue," Paterson resident Douguestion Didy said.

"I voted early and I voted for Jack Ciattarelli," another person said.

"I'm voting in person," another person said.

"Murphy ... [Because] I'm in the health care profession and a teacher, and I just feel like he's very pro both those fields," Paramus resident Noelle Benz said.

"I'm not sure yet. I'm gonna do my research," another person said.

Better do it quick -- Election Day is fast approaching.

There's also a ballot question asking voters if restrictions on sports gambling should be relaxed. As it stands now, sports betting is not allowed on college sports teams based in New Jersey or on events that take place in the Garden State.

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