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Neiman Marcus Beauty Departments Roll Out 'Smart Mirrors' To Lure Consumers Back

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- Traditional brick and mortar stores have been searching for ways to lure back shoppers who rack up sales online.

One high-end retailer hopes a high tech mirror will bring customers to their cosmetics department.

As CBS2's Alex Denis reports, the beauty department at famed Neiman Marcus is getting its own makeover of sorts. Forget the traditional makeup counter mirror; enter the smart mirror -- which is actually a touch screen and camera that records every step of your makeup session, breaks it down by sections of the face such as lips and cheeks, and remembers the products you tried on.

You can even choose flattering lighting as the video tutorial and personalized tips are sent to you via text in case you want to share them on social media.

Memomi Labs creates the digital the digital imaging software. They partnered with silicon valley giants like Intel to build the 3D cameras and Adobe on the analytics.

Business Manager of Le Metier De Beaute Richard Winser says people love the new technology.

"It's really interesting," he says. "It's something new, and something cutting edge and that's what the cosmetic department needs."

Neiman Marcus says they're the only luxury retailer using such technology. It's already seen success with its fashion mirrors that take 360 degree videos of shoppers, allowing them to compare options side by side. Shoppers can do the same thing with sunglasses.

The high end retailer is embracing the technology at a time when it's seeing a decline in sales thanks to more competition on the internet.

"We're always looking for ways to differentiate from our competition and another reason for a customer to come into our store," General Manager of the company's San Francisco store Alan Morrell said.

Memomi is rolling out these mirrors at an additional 34 Neiman Marcus stores across the nation. CBS2 reports that 20 major cosmetics brands will also add the technology.

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