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Transgender athlete ban bill introduced in Nassau County. This isn't the first attempt to enact the policy.

Nassau County executive moves forward again with attempt to ban transgender athletes
Nassau County executive moves forward again with attempt to ban transgender athletes 01:47

MINEOLA, N.Y. -- Nassau County Executive Bruce Blakeman introduced a controversial bill Friday that would prohibit transgender athletes from participating in women's and girls' sports at county-owned athletic facilities.

This is not his first attempt to enact the ban.

Nassau County Executive doubles down on transgender athlete ban

Blakeman first introduced the ban as an executive order back in February, but it was struck down by the Nassau County Supreme Court after a judge ruled he didn't have the authority to impose the ban without the county legislature's approval. Blakeman is now appealing that ruling.

"I believe the executive order was proper," he said.

The New York Civil Liberties Union also filed a lawsuit on behalf of the Roller Rebels, a roller derby team on Long Island that welcomes trans women, saying it violates the New York state human rights law which prohibits discrimination on the basis of gender identity.

"Banning trans girls and women from participating In sports in Nassau County is something that New York state law simply doesn't allow," said NYCLU assistant legal director Bobby Hodgson.

The county executive is saying the bill is not anti-transgender, but rather pro-women and pro-girls.

"I believe by injecting yourself in a bullying manner onto a women's team or girls' team or a league is unconstitutional," Blakeman said.

When introducing the ban again as a bill Friday, Blakeman said, "If you are a girls' team or a women's team, and you identify yourself as that or you advertise yourself as that, you cannot have biological males playing in that competition at county facilities."

"Biological males competing against females is unfair because biological males are bigger, faster and stronger in most cases," he added.

Advocates vow to fight transgender athlete ban bill

The NYCLU says it will challenge the ban again if it passes the Legislature, but LGBT Network President David Kilmnick says the damage is done.

"Whether this passes or not in the legislature, it has already sent the message out to the community that they don't matter, to the transgender community," he said.

"The transgender community, the gender nonbinary community, and even some intersex community members are very well impacted by this. It just sends a strong message that we're not welcome here," said Juli Grey-Owens, executive director of Gender Equality New York.

"To introduce this bill as we kick off Long Island Pride weekend -- and Long Island Pride is this Sunday -- just adds another level of cruelty and hatefulness to what was done today in Nassau County," Klimnick said.

In the meantime, community members say they will start meeting to talk about next steps.

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