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Dozens Of Residents, Businesses In Uproar Over MTA Renovations That Will Force Them To Move Out For Months

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork)-- Dozens of people and businesses in Bushwick, Brooklyn are in an uproar over Metropolitan Transportation Authority renovations.

The agency said they have to leave their homes for months so crews can work on an elevated line. And the residents told CBS2's Ali Bauman a lot of this is news to them.

The overhead maze of the subway off Myrtle Avenue where the M, J, and Z trains converge is unfortunate for residents who live in the middle of it all and will soon have to get out.

"We haven't heard if it's actually happening or if we're gonna have notice to move," one resident said.

But is is happening. The MTA said 26 homes and two businesses will have to relocate for six to 10 months during M Train renovations. The MTA Board green-lighted the relocation March 23, but weeks later many of the effected residents said the most they've heard are neighborhood rumors.

"I would like some notice. We're just nervous they're gonna throw it on us and be like, 'Oh by the way, you have to get out in a month,'" tenant Abby Campbell said.

The MTA told CBS2 they notified residents last week. However, when the tenants at 1156 Myrtle Ave. were shown paperwork minutes from the board's decision, they said it was news to them.

"This is going to affect me though because I'm trying to find a sublet. I don't know if they want to live here for just three months," tenant Julie Sousa said.

Construction is scheduled to start June 2017 to demolish and rebuild what's called the Myrtle Avenue Viaduct.

The MTA said they have hired a consultant to work with tenants and will compensate them for relocation. But businesses on the block aren't just worried about moving -- they're concerned with staying afloat.

"There's a lot of stuff in here and in the basement. Moving it would be a real challenge but we can't fight city hall," said Jared Needham, of Harvest Cyclery.

MTA officials said they plan to offer buying properties from the owners and resell once the project is completed.


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