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Storms cause delays, cancelations at airports across Tri-State Area

Major delays at all Tri-State Area airports
Major delays at all Tri-State Area airports 02:15

NEWARK, N.J. -- Monday's stormy weather caused headaches at the Tri-State Area airports.

According to FlightAware, as of 11 p.m., Newark Liberty International Airport had around 900 combined cancelations and delays, LaGuardia Airport had about 800, and John F. Kennedy International Airport had close to 750.

The misery map got worse and worse since CBS2 arrived at Newark Liberty International Airport in the afternoon.

On Monday night, more than 30% of the flights out of Newark were canceled, and nearly 40% were delayed.

The situation was even worse at LaGuardia and officials warn this could last for the next few days.

Peggy Paradice was ready for the 30-hour flight back home to Australia. She wasn't ready for it to become a four-day trek.

"It must be really bad because a lot of airlines just have no seats until Thursday. So here we are. We're camped out in the Newark Airport," Paradice said.

This was her first trip to the United States to visit family here since the pandemic.

"So this is us putting our toe back in the shark-infested waters of air travel," Paradice said.

She was at least faring better than Egan Budd of Seattle.

"I feel gross. I feel like I want to cry, but I have nothing left," Budd said.

He was going on 24 hours inside Newark Airport.

"I called all the hotels within three miles of the airport and they were like, no, we're full, no, we're full," Budd said.

The Port Authority said Monday's weather compounded by Sunday's delays created a domino effect for fliers.

"I'm just kind of stuck now 'til tomorrow," said Raekelsha Moss of Pittsburgh.

Moss said she had no other choice but to sleep at the gate, like so many others.

"Frustrated, because I was gonna go pick my son up today," Moss said.

As for Paradice, "We're re-evaluating our lives to see what we're gonna do for the few days."

Her family was finding the bright side of being stuck in Terminal B limbo.

"Being able to spend a little extra time with them has been very special," said Bill Svoboda of California.

The Port Authority recommends travelers check the status of their flight with their air carrier before heading to the airport Tuesday so they are not stuck staring at the board for hours on end like so many people CBS2 saw on Monday.

For more information on flight delays and conditions around our area, CLICK HERE

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