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Many still fuming over Empire State Building's decision to honor Eagles: "So wait, that was on purpose?"

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NEW YORK -- There was a shock in the sky over the city on Sunday night.

The Empire State Building was lit up in the colors of the Philadelphia Eagles -- and it wasn't an accident.

The building's official Twitter page posted "Fly Eagles Fly," leaving many people wondering what in the world would motivate a New York icon to celebrate an arch rival's passage to the Super Bowl.

Never have two colors been more polarizing.

"So wait, that was on purpose? Jesus!," Brian Stockard said.

"I was mind blown. I didn't know what to expect," added Jimmy Wiley of Midtown, as he imitated his mind being blown.

Green and white shined 1,454 feet into the air from the Empire State Building, rubbing salt in the wounds of New Yorkers still grieving the Giants' 38-7 loss to Philly in the NFC Divisional Round.

"I felt like I wanted to be Spider-Man and take the building down," Wiley said.

The Empire State Building said Monday it decided to honor each team that won the AFC and NFC championships, with the Kansas City Chiefs red and gold shining later Sunday evening after they beat the Cincinnati Bengals.

But many New Yorkers say the nod to Philly was just too soon.

"Eagles are like the worst team for the Giants, so I don't know why we're celebrating Philadelphia in New York," said Giants fan and Midtown resident Mark DeSalvo.

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The Giants official Twitter account said simply, "I'm just here for the comments," and there were plenty. One Giants fan wrote the move was an, "Absolute disgrace Empire State Building. When would Philadelphia ever do something like this for NY? Did you lose a bet or something?!?"

Mayor Eric Adams even acknowledged the misfire this on Monday morning on CNN.

"We should have lit up in real symbolism the colors of the Giants. Blue should've been there. Unfortunately, someone didn't get the memo at the Empire State Building," Adams said.

Even a New York City agency whose colors are green and white wasn't impressed. The city's Department of Sanitation clapped back at the move, calling it traitorous and unforgivable, tweeting, "We take out the trash every day and next year that'll include the Eagles."

But CBS2 did find other Giants fans applauding what they call good sportsmanship.

"I think it's out of respect. The kids need to see comradery. The kids need to see love and sportsmanship," said Bobby Smith of the Lower East Side.

"It was awesome. Yes! Even though I'm a Giants fan they did an awesome job last night. Coming from behind and winning. It was crazy. Listen, it's a sport. You have to give credit where credit is due," added Josue Baez of Roosevelt Island.

On the Empire State Building's website, anyone can request specific colors. It's a privately owned company and has the sole discretion to select which organizations and causes it chooses to promote.

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