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Keith Carradine On Madam Secretary & Téa Leoni

Keith Carradine has been an actor since he was 18 and he knows how difficult it is to have a long run on network television.

The 69-year-old is going into his fifth season as President Dalton on Madam Secretary. While Carradine has had long runs on the stage, his experience on the CBS hit drama has been a special one.

"We're in our fifth season and it gives everyone who is a regular the chance to settle into their characters. It makes the work a real pleasure" said Carradine in a studio interview with CBS Local.

The Sit-Down: Keith Carradine by CBS Local News on YouTube

The world has changed a lot since Carradine and the cast began shooting Madam Secretary. Season one started during President Barack Obama's administration and the new season of the show is smack dab in the middle of President Trump's presidency. Carradine has loved playing the role of President Dalton no matter who is in the White House.

"It's a wonderful role. I'm happy that it's just an acting role," said Carradine. "We've become an aspirational show. We depict things the way they could be again and definitely the way they once were, in terms of discourse and how people speak with one another. It gives us a chance to remind one another that we are all in this together."

While Carradine has worked with many legends during his storied career, few compare to Téa Leoni. With Leoni's leadership and the continued development of the show, Carradine believes there is still room to grow for Madam Secretary.

"We could go a while longer and I will certainly welcome that if given the opportunity," said Carradine. "Téa takes the work seriously, but she doesn't take herself seriously at all. She's fun and she's funny. It makes it joyful for everybody. Everyone is there to work together and have fun doing it."

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