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NYPD officers involved in fatal shooting of Bronx man in 2019 will not be disciplined by department

NYPD will not discipline officers involved in deadly 2019 shooting
NYPD will not discipline officers involved in deadly 2019 shooting 00:36

NEW YORK -- The NYPD officers involved in the deadly shooting of a Bronx man in 2019 will not face discipline from the department.

Commissioner Edward Caban announced Friday the two officers acted within the law leading up to the shooting of 32-year-old Kawaski Trawick.

Trawick lived in supportive housing and had been accidentally locked out of his apartment. He was let back inside by the FDNY, but security called police after Trawick allegedly threatened others.

Body camera footage shows officers opening the door to Trawick's apartment, noting that he was holding a knife.

"I have a knife because I'm cooking," Trawick responded.

Video shows officers repeatedly asking Trawick to put down a knife as Trawick repeatedly questions why the officers are there.

The two officers eventually used a Taser on Trawick, then one officer fired four shots when Trawick allegedly said "I'm gonna kill you all" while holding the knife.

The Civilian Complaint Review Board had argued an improper amount of force was used and that officers did not promptly seek medical care for Trawick.

The Bronx District Attorney previously declined to bring charges against the officers.

New York City Public Advocate Jumaane Williams and City Council Speaker Adrienne Adams both criticized Caban's decision Friday.

In a statement, Williams said in part, "Kawaski Trawick's family has waited five years and two administrations, only to be denied any semblance of justice. This is a shameful decision stemming from a cynical system and strategy across multiple mayors and commissioners to shield law enforcement from accountability."

"Transparency and accountability are prerequisites to public safety, and today's unacceptable decision by Commissioner Caban threatens the essential bonds with our communities," Adams said in part.

Trawick's parents, who have called for the two NYPD officers involved to be fired, said in a statement that they were outraged.

"Finding out from press late on a Friday, on the weekend that my family is mourning the five years since Kawaski was murdered is unimaginably painful ... The utter disregard they have for our son's memory, to make this decision on the five-year anniversary of his death is disgusting and shameful," they said in part.

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