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NYPD disciplinary trial begins for officers accused of misconduct in deadly shooting of Kawaski Trawick

NYPD disciplinary trial begins in Bronx man's death
NYPD disciplinary trial begins in Bronx man's death 00:28

NEW YORK -- Four years after a Bronx man was shot dead by police in his apartment, there's a disciplinary hearing into officers' action began Monday. 

The Civilian Complaint Review Board argues an improper amount of force was used and they did not promptly seek medical care for the man. 

Previously, an internal NYPD investigation found no wrongdoing and the Bronx DA did not bring charges. 

Family members of the man killed want accountability. 

Police bodycam and surveillance video shows NYPD officers Brendan Thompson and Herbert Davis knock at 32-year-old Kawaski Trawick's door on Sunday, April 14, 2019. 

He lived at a supportive housing facility in the Bronx for people in addiction recovery or transition. In addition to showing video during the hearing, 911 calls were played. 

A security guard said a tenant was harassing others. 

Trawick himself called and asked for the FDNY because he was accidentally locked out of his apartment. He falsely reported an active fire. 

The super called, and said a tenant who is locked out is threatening to knock him out. 

Security called again, and said the tenant is banging on doors, yelling. 

The FDNY opened Trawick's door for him, and he went inside. Officers responded, and Trawick asked them why they're there. More than a dozen times, officers told him to put down the knife. 

"Why are you in my home?" Trawick asked. 

"Put it down," the officers said. 

Trawick said he had the knife because he was cooking. 

Thompson tased him. 

Trawick got up, yelling "I'm gonna kill you all!" with the knife in hand. 

Thompson fired four shots, killing him. 

Trawick's parents, here from Georgia, their attorney and advocates spoke after the hearing. They say he had moved to New York City years prior to pursue a dancing career. 

"These two officers need to be fired for killing Kawaski," mother Ellen Trawick said. 

"Murdered my son. Murder. That's what - he murdered my son," father Ricki Trawicki said. 

"Without rendering aid at all," one person said.

"They failed to de-escalate. They failed to isolate. They failed to communicate," said attorney Royce Russell. "There's no way that someone can be in their home – their home is there castle - then wind up dead on the floor." 

PBA President Pat Lynch released a statement that reads, in part, "Police officers had responded to the location on three prior occasions because he was threatening people with weapons. Was anything done to address his condition or the risks he posed to his fellow residents and the staff? We don't know because the only people under the microscope are these police officers." 

The Civilian Complaint Review Board, an independent agency, is tasked with oversight of the NYPD. If the judge finds the officers violated department rules, they could be fired. A final decision is up to the NYPD commissioner. 

The trial resumes Tuesday. The medical examiner is expected to testify. 

The officers remain on active duty. 

After Tuesday, the trial picks back up May 11. 

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