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Wild theories about Jennifer Dulos' disappearance dominated Michelle Troconis trial

Disappearance of Jennifer Dulos: Michelle Troconis trial had many twists and turns
Disappearance of Jennifer Dulos: Michelle Troconis trial had many twists and turns 02:24

STAMFORD, Conn. -- Back in May of 2019, nobody could have anticipated the disappearance of Jennifer Dulos would be the first act in a five-year drama, one that would include wild theories.

"We are actively investigating a revenge-suicide hypothesis," attorney Norm Pattis said at the time.

There were intense searches to find the missing mom, including in an attic, a basement, and in septic tanks.

Then in January of 2020, there was the death of Fotis Dulos, the main suspect in Jennifer Dulos' disappearance.

"Fotis put up a facade until his last, poisoned breath," defense attorney Jon Schoenhorn said during closing arguments.

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Did Fotis Dulos deceive his girlfriend, Michelle Troconis? Or was she an active participant in a murder conspiracy and coverup?

Answering those questions fell to a jury of three women and three men. Over the course of a month, they heard from dozens of witnesses, watched videos of Fotis Dulos dumping evidence, including Jennifer Dulos' bloody shirt, and briefly saw Troconis wipe her hand on the ground as she rode with him.

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The jury heard evidence Troconis was tired of the bitter Dulos custody battle over their five children, considered the situation "torture," and used ugly language when talking about Jennifer Dulos.

"This defendant hated Jennifer Dulos," prosecutor Sean McGuinness said during closing arguments.

The prosecution crafted a complicated timeline -- with Fotis Dulos taking an employee's truck and parking it in New Canaan, and then riding a bike to Jennifer Dulos' home and killing her in the garage, disposing of the body in an unknown location using her SUV, and then abandoning that vehicle and returning to his mansion in Farmington.

"This defendant was undoubtedly part of this plan to kill Jennifer Dulos," McGuinness said.

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The prosecutor said to believe Troconis was innocent meant ignoring 30 incriminating elements.

"Is it just a coincidence that the defendant lied and said she showered with Dulos while he was actually en route to murder his wife? Is it just a coincidence that the defendant lied about seeing Dulos in the office, once again while he was in New Canaan murdering his wife?" McGuinness said.

The defense tried to shift suspicion to one of Fotis Dulos' employees, and tried to explain inconsistencies in Troconis' police interviews as a native Spanish speaker under duress from aggressive interrogation.

"They threatened her. They scared her. They lied to her," Schoenhorn said. "Whatever Fotis Dulos did, it was not for or because of Michelle, and it was not 'with' her."

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