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Impact Of Repairs On Affordable Care Website Remain To Be Seen

NEW YORK(CBSNewYork) -- The website is supposed to be up and running. But a sudden run on the site could cause it to crash.

That is the conundrum faced by President Barack Obama who said that the page would be working by the end of November.

Following an 11-hour, overnight, maintenance session that shut down part of the website, is back open for business. The goal of the maintenance was to ensure that the site could handle 50,000 users at a time and 800,000 inside of a day.

"The challenge isn't how many lanes do you have on the highway, it's how fast the cars can go down the highway. Because if there is any breakdown you're going to have a big traffic jam and pile up behind you," FMS Inc. President Luke Chung explained.

Now, the President is trying to manage expectations and has admitted that there will still be some bugs in the system.

"There are moments when things won't go as smoothly as you want," he said.

Trying to encourage users to come back to the site without overwhelming it could prove to be a difficult balancing act for the White House.

It could take days to know if the site has been fixed.

"What we can expect is more people being able to sign up from beginning to end. We aren't going to see if things are much better until late next week," CBS News, Political Dir. John Dickerson explained.

The White House said that there have been more than 300 repairs to the website since its original launch on October 1.

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