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Grand Piano Found In East River Under Brooklyn Bridge

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- New Yorkers were mystified Friday about how a grand piano ended in of the East River under the Brooklyn Bridge.

The Mason & Hamlin grand piano was discovered on the Manhattan side of the bridge. No one has come forward to say whom it belongs to, or how exactly it got there.

The piano started drawing a crowd days ago, after a YouTube video appeared showing a woman playing the piano as it stands halfway submerged in the water.

Piano lady in the East River by Anothersemolina on YouTube

"That sounded just a little too surreal, so after work, I got on my bike and came down here, and was like, 'Yup, that right there is a piano,'" a woman said.

As of Friday night, the piano was still under the bridge, but it was not sitting in the water anymore. A few people even tried to play it from it while sitting on a piece of wood in the sand.

The piano is not in playable condition and makes no sound.

Some people think the piano washed ashore, while others say since it is right-side up someone put it there.

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