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Gov. Phil Murphy warns about potential power outages in New Jersey

Murphy warns storm could cause power outages in New Jersey
Murphy warns storm could cause power outages in New Jersey 02:33

SOUTH AMBOY, N.J. -- The Tri-State Area is dealing with heavy rain and strong winds, but this storm could get a whole lot worse Thursday night into Friday.

The rain was making driving difficult during the afternoon, but it's what is expected later in the evening that has a lot of people concerned.

New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy said the Department of Transportation is pre-positioning equipment and some residents could experience power outages.

Wet roads are the order of the day currently, but a triple weather punch could cause havoc as we enter the holiday weekend.

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Heavy rain falling into the night could cause flooding, especially down the Jersey Shore. Then, plummeting temperatures by mid-Friday could freeze puddles on roadways. Add to that strong winds that could bring down power lines.

"We've been back and forth to the highest levels with our public utilities because power outage is a real possibility here, given the strength of the winds," Murphy said.

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The governor said utility companies are on standby, and will try and restore power, but he's warning residents to be prepared.

"Weather conditions at any moment may prevent crews from getting up in a bucket safely and that is especially the case with high winds," Murphy said.

"I am hoping we don't lose power because it's going to be pretty cold from that perspective hope we don't lose power because of the winds," Summit resident Sarah Robertson said.

Others said they are worried about driving on freezing roads.

"I have a compact car, so I always get nervous when it's ice or snow because I don't know what to expect and I have to drive through it to work. So, that's my concern," said Benedicta Asante of Union.

Many are choosing to hunker down.

"I am going to be home in about 15 minutes and stay there and that'll be it," one person said.

"I am on vacation this week, so I am not going nowhere, and Christmas Day I got to fry a turkey outside. That's going to be cold," said Reynaldo Casta of Hillside.

Paterson officials say carbon monoxide poisoning is a serious issue in the cold.

"Do not use your stove top, gas appliance for heat. That is dangerous," a fire official said.

The cities of Paterson and Newark have activated their Code Blue warning systems. That means they'll work hard to get the homeless indoors and open warming centers for anyone who loses power.

In any case, we are all going to have to bundle up and power through.

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