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Dozens of Rep. George Santos' constituents plan to travel to Capitol Hill to try to meet with congressman

Rep. Santos' constituents plan to try to meet with congressman in D.C.
Rep. Santos' constituents plan to try to meet with congressman in D.C. 02:21

NEW YORK -- Residents who live in Rep. George Santos' congressional district say they've had enough.

A group of bipartisan voters from District 3 say they reflect a poll that shows 78% in Santos' district want him gone.

On Capitol Hill, Santos responded, "I didn't order a poll, so I'm not talking about a poll that I didn't order."

"It is clear our pressure is working. Yesterday, Santos resigned from his House committees," said MoveOn campaign director Kelsey Herbert.

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New questions are being raised on Santos' FEC filings and complaints have been lodged. An investigation will follow the money to determine whether Santos raised and spent it legally.

"It looks like the Justice Department is actively investigating Mr. Santos on potential criminal violations," said Saurav Ghosh, director of federal campaign finance reform for the nonprofit Campaign Legal Center. "We obviously want the DOJ  to be very thorough and to build a very solid case."

Meanwhile, more and more congressional colleagues are demanding investigations and resignation.

"This is not going away. We are mad, and we are not taking it," protestor Marie Marsina said.

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Next Tuesday, 50 constituents plan to board a bus and ride from New York to Capitol Hill to try to meet with their congressman. They want to tell him face-to-face why he must resign immediately and challenge those in charge.

"We just need to ask the leadership to find a way for him to be removed," said Angel Reyes, with Make the Road Action.

In an interview on the OAN Network, Santos said, "A lot of people want to create this narrative that I, I faked my way to Congress, which is absolutely, categorically false ... I don't think lying is excusable ever, period."

Thousands of signatures have been collected from district voters and across America. Petitions were handed to a sole campaign staffer, who took them into Santos' district office and appeared to lock the door.

CBS2 asked his staff to comment on news the FBI may be investigating Santos' role in an alleged GoFundMe scheme involving a disabled veteran's dying service dog. We have not heard back.

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