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Rep. George Santos' constituents feel left in limbo as congressman faces new allegations

Rep. George Santos faces new allegations of lies and distortions
Rep. George Santos faces new allegations of lies and distortions 02:08

NEW YORK -- Rep. George Santos started his fourth week in Congress on Monday and faced new allegations of lies and distortions

Some of his constituents told CBS2's Jennifer McLogan they feel left in limbo. 

"Do you owe your constituents any response to all the accusations about the lies that you're accused of telling?" a reporter asked Santos. 

"I'm sorry. I have spoken to constituents largely and I've been fielding calls and answers this whole time," Santos replied. 

The door to Santos' district office in Queens was locked and former Rep. Tom Suozzi's name is still on the awning. Local officials in the third congressional district must turn elsewhere for help. 

"Dealing with FEMA for example, or dealing with clean water with the EPA," said Mineola Mayor Paul Pereira

Business leaders and donors say they feel betrayed after sponsoring fundraisers. 

"I'm taken back and offended on so many things. This is a black eye for the GOP," said David Zere, a Santos campaign donor. 

Zere said Santos' 9/11 and Holocaust lies were the last straw. 

"The guy has told lie, after lie, after lie," said Sen. Chuck Schumer

Untruths also surfaced regarding Schumer's mother. 

"She lives in my district and she had a mouthful when I knocked on her door asking her for her vote. She said, 'I don't know what happened to my son. He used to be a good man.' Chuck doesn't deserve the mother he has because she's such a nice lady," Santos said on a podcast last May. 

On Sunday, Face the Nation moderator Margaret Brennan challenged House Speaker Kevin McCarthy

"I'm talking about George Santos," said Brennan. "If you got a third of your caucus to vote to oust him, you could do so. 

"Every single member, they just got elected by their constituents. They have a right to serve. So that means Santos can serve on a committee," said McCarthy. 

"You know the media does one good thing is, you guys like blowing stories that are not there up, and you also use word salads to make sure you confuse the constituents," said Santos. 

Constituents want their questions about Santos' past and campaign finances answered. 

An attorney and spokesperson for Santos did not return messages. 

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