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Golfer Concerned He Will Miss Olympics After Airline Loses Golf Clubs

RIO DE JANEIRO (CBSNewYork) -- A golfer competing in the Olympics has arrived in Rio de Janeiro, however, his golf clubs have not.

Emiliano Grillo of Argentina went on a tweet storm Monday saying he was worried he might not get a chance to compete after American Airlines lost his golf clubs.

"(at)AmericanAir delays, rerouting and 20+ calls can't find my golf bag. I am going to miss my chance to compete in the Olympics," Grillo tweeted.

He continued, "(at)AmericanAir seriously, find me a human in JFK, MIA, or Sao Paolo that can physically look for my bag and confirm where it is and send it."

Grillo even joked that more people would be looking for his golf clubs if they were Pokemon.

"If they were pokeclubs they would all be looking for them," Grillo said.

American Airlines tweeted back at Grillo, saying that they have a "team of folks working" to find his golf bag.

Grillo is scheduled to tee off Thursday.

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