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Community Activist Slams de Blasio Over Road Trip After Violent Weekend At Home

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- Despite the Central Park muggings and a dozen shootings over the weekend, Mayor Bill de Blasio was headed out of town for a controversial four-day trip to promote his progressive agenda.

Critics told CBS2 Political Reporter Marcia Kramer that it shows the mayor cares more about being Mayor of the U.S. than about taking care of business at home.

The mayor, now known as "El Progreso," spoke about homelessness at his first and only appearance in New York City this week, Kramer reported.

His latest decision to say 'arrivederci New York' with four days in Washington and California to push his progressive agenda has some of his once tried and true supporters seeing red. They said with the Central Park muggings and 12 people shot over the weekend, which left four dead, and 29 people shot and one police officer killed in the last week, the mayor should stay home and address the serious crisis of violence.

Much of that violence has taken place in communities of color. Some said the only people of color the mayor cares about are members of his family, Kramer reported.

"That's what everybody is saying now is the only black lives that matter are those black lives that have the last name de Blasio. That's what's happening because they have a full detail of cops to bodyguard them," community activist Tony Herbert said.

Herbert is a grassroots community activist who works with the pastors of about 150 churches. He was stunned that the mayor could find the time to travel the country when he has refused to make the time to meet with his group and find solutions to the problem of violence in the streets.

"It's unacceptable and we're not even at the summer months. I mean look at what's going on. Every time the heat goes up the guns come out," he said.

As CBS2's Kramer reported, the mayor said he needs to go to Washington to get resources for the city. De Blasio also said he wants a national platform for the need to end income inequality.

"I think the thing we have to do is get the resources we need for the work we have to do in this city and make the changes we need," de Blasio said. "And let's face it, where so much of the energy is, where so much of the resources are, are in Washington."

De Blasio Fires Back At Critics Angry Over Out-Of-State Trips

De Blasio said he'll be working with other mayors and elected officials to try to fund the needs of the cities.

When asked whether his trip speaks to a larger ambition, the mayor answered with a resounding "No," WCBS 880's Rich Lamb reported.

The mayor insists these trips are all about helping New York City, 1010 WINS' Al Jones reported.

"I've said I have one job: mayor of New York City," de Blasio said. "I look forward to running for re-election in 2017."

De Blasio Fires Back At Critics Angry Over Out-Of-State Trips

Some New Yorkers did not seem too worried about the mayor's road trip.

"I'm happy that he's out of the city and he's letting others run the city," Ron Alix said, "As far as being mayor of a city as great as this, I don't think he's up to it."

"Mr. de Blasio has the right to travel," Jordan Beeber said.

The mayor could have a real problem with Tony Herbert and his 150 pastors. They're threatening to go to all of his press conferences with body bags to remind him of the violence. They have taken to calling him 'One Term Bill' and are actively looking at other people to run against him, Kramer reported.

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