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Day 4 of cars stuck in ice in Edgewater, N.J. parking lot

Cars remain frozen in iced-over Edgewater parking lot
Cars remain frozen in iced-over Edgewater parking lot 02:26

EDGEWATER, N.J. - The bitter cold temperatures across our region led to an uncommon sight in New Jersey - cars still stuck in frozen flood waters after last week's storm. 

Residents in Edgewater describe the parking lot as an ice-skating rink, and it's easy to see why. It's a result of water from the Hudson River that came up and over, then froze. 

It's not only impacting the parkign lot itself, but some of the cars - which are now stuck.

"I just lost my car," said car owner Leyla Pagano.

"Have you tried getting it out?" CBS2's Elijah Westbrook asked.

"No, you can't. It's not safe," Pagano said. 

Pagano was not a happy camper Monday morning after coming to the realization that her blue SUV is most likely totaled from water damage following last week's storm. That water - rather, ice - surrounds Pagano'[s car and others that are now stuck in the parking lot, which sits next to the Comfort Inn just off of River Road. 

Chopper 2, flying above, showed how widespread the impacted area was. Among the vehicles impacted is a blue cab from a semi truck. 

Witnesses say last week's storm caused water to flood the area by at least a few feet. One man had to be rescued by the fire department on a boat. 

"It's been sitting here since the rainstorm. I can only imagine that there's an immense amount of water damage to the inside of the car," Pagano said. 

Pagano said she contacted her insurance company, but not much luck has been made available on that front - for now, at least. 

"I sent them pictures, and they said unfortunately because of the water having been so high, it reached three quarters of the way up, that it was unsafe, and that the adjuster couldn't come," Pagano said. 

Monday, people tried to find the positive in the situation by mimicking what it would look like skating on it. 

Despite its proximity to the Comfort Inn hotel, a manager told Westbrook the lot isn't their property. In fact, parking for guests sits immediately in front of the main entrance to the building, which was cleared. The icy lot belongs to a plaza called Edgewater Marketplace. There's no word as yet if the property owners have plans to remove it and help those impacted. 

"Just a massive loss," Pagano said. 

With temperatures below freezing, it's safe to say that some of those cars may be stuck there for another day or so. 

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