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Cars stuck in frozen floodwaters in Edgewater, New Jersey

Cars stuck in frozen floodwaters in New Jersey
Cars stuck in frozen floodwaters in New Jersey 02:14

BERGEN COUNTY, N.J. -- Saturday's bitter cold led to an uncommon sight in New Jersey. Cars were stuck in frozen floodwaters after the winter storm. 

There's no getting them out now. The lot, shared by a hotel and shopping plaza in Edgewater, is frozen solid. 

"It was my bad day," said Adriatik Spahiu, from the Bronx

Spahiu's 2001 Mercedes is unusable after it got caught in the rain overnight Thursday. He found it with the trunk open, possibly because of a faulty sensor. 

"I tried to open the doors with the key because with the remote it couldn't be working. I don't know, the battery was dead. When I opened the door it had water inside my car," said Spahiu.

With it now being a holiday weekend, Spahiu can't reach his insurance company or a mechanic until next week. He didn't let it put a dent in his holidays plans though. 

"Nothing will stop me seeing my family. Never," he said. 

The cars have been left there for almost four days. It could be a few more days before things thaw out, given the bitter temperatures that are still here. 

The numbing temperatures kept most people away from ice skating at the Winter Wonderland at Van Saun County Park in Paramus, but not everyone. 

"As you get older, you get tougher. So I feel like it doesn't affect us as much as it used to. We have a kind of protective mom in terms of the weather, so we're dressed adequately," said Michael, who always goes with his sister Jasmine. 

Tameka Mathison from East Orange checked it out with her two kids for the first time. 

"It's beautiful. Everyone is happy, the vibes is right," said Mathison. "I love it out here." 

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