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Sales Of Cosmetics, Teeth Whiteners Up As Masks Come Off

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) - The masks are coming off, and for many, that means it's time to "face" a familiar goal: Looking our best.

For months, it's been pajamas in front of Zoom or face coverings where your smile was rarely seen. But all of that is about to change. The proof is in what we're now buying

"We're doing great here in the store," said Tania Miranda, manager of Top Line.

Customers at Top Line cosmetics and fashion are looking to move on from the COVID gloom and glam it up again.

"People are buying clothes and they're buying makeup," said Miranda.

Sales of lipstick and other beauty products plummeted during the pandemic, with people staying home and covering up with masks. But now they're bracing for a cosmetic comeback.

"We're going to restock pretty soon too just because it's going to be a big change starting next month," said Miranda.

And shoppers are looking to ditch their pandemic pajamas.

"We've seen an increase in sales of clothing, so that's a good sign," said Miranda. "I feel like people are really starting to come out."

From deodorant, teeth whiteners, and razors -- to condoms -- large retailers are seeing a double-digit increase in sales of personal care items compared to this time last year when top sellers were toilet paper and hand sanitizer.

"We're coming out of hibernation and we really want to look good," said relationship advice expert Joey Garcia.

Garcia says it shows people are ready to reunite: "We're hungry to connect, we're human, and that's how we're constructed."

But even with a fresh new look, some may still be a little rusty when it comes to going out.

"There's going to be some people coming out of this pandemic time so desirous of connecting with others that they're going to come on too strong and scare people away," said Garcia.

But nothing is scarier than the beast of the year plus we just went through. Many feel it's now time to focus on the beauty.

"I feel like things are starting to get back to normal," said Miranda.

It's not all fashion and beauty. The Wall Street Journal also says alarm clock sales have doubled with people now having to go into work. And luggage sales are up 400 percent.

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