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Contentious school board meeting held at Central Regional High School in wake of 14-year-old Adriana Kuch's suicide

Contentious school board meeting held in wake of N.J. student's death
Contentious school board meeting held in wake of N.J. student's death 02:32

BAYVILLE, N.J. -- Parents finally got a chance to speak their minds on Thursday night, nearly two weeks after the tragic death of a high school student in Ocean County.

Central Regional High School officials faced the public at a contentious school board meeting. What is clear is the community is scarred by the tragedy.

The meeting started with heckling of the school board and acting superintendent, but that was just the beginning.

"Hearing what happened to Adriana was absolutely disgusting, and you all should be ashamed of yourselves for being board members," one graduate of Central Regional High School said.

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Parents, students and alumni voiced frustration, sadness and anger over the school's handling of the death of 14-year-old Adriana Kuch. Thursday night was the first board meeting since the girl died by suicide on Feb. 3, after she was bullied and beaten in a video that was widely shared online.

"My daughter comes home and she is also scared because she doesn't want to go to this school, and it's hard because I came from this school, too," a parent said.

"It's actually really, really hard to go to school because of all the bullying and everything that's going around. I'm still grieving over Adriana right now," student Hailie Engesser said.

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The tragedy has struck a nerve with those who say they have witnessed a culture of violence at Central Regional High. Student after student after student came forward to share stories of bullying by fellow students and even staff.

"I was bullied out of the school by not only students but teachers," one student said.

"I had to fend for myself because I was at the darkest point in my life and you completely abandoned me," student Echo McNichols added.

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On the stage was Acting Superintendent Dr. Douglas Corbett, who has been on the job less than a week, following the resignation of his predecessor. Earlier in the day, Corbett faced reporters and said the district is reviewing its bullying policy.

He was asked if he has been in contact with Kuch's family.

"No, I have not," Corbett said.

Parents told CBS2 the acting superintendent and the board of education should all resign.

"I have no faith in the Board of Education as it is now and it needs to be dismantled," a parent said.

School officials said faculty and staff will get more training on recognizing bullying.

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