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Coney Island on Memorial Day a picturesque start to summer season

Coney Island on Memorial Day a perfect start to summer
Coney Island on Memorial Day a perfect start to summer 01:54

NEW YORK -- If one place is synonymous with summer in New York City, it's Coney Island.

The first official weekend of the summer season did not disappoint and the beach looked postcard-perfect on Memorial Day

"Fresh air, the view, the rides, the people. It's a beautiful day," said Kamal Taylor. 

Taylor brought his 6-year-old daughter Isabella to Luna Park for the first time. 

"We took a walk and got some food and now we're about to do some rides," said Isabella. 

This boardwalk turns 100 years old this year, and a holiday weekend like this is when it really shines with music, games and good food. 

"We got on a roller coaster. It was so fun," one person said. 

"It's like a big family. I love it," said Mercedes Agosto. 

"What gets more American than this?" another person said. 

Where else can you pet a python and ride a nearly 100-year-old roller coaster? 

The wind was strong all day, and all the sand whipping in the air gave the beach a dusty haze. 

Some brave people went into the chilly water, unlike at Sea Bright Beach in New Jersey where the waves were mostly empty with red flags flying. 

If you do go into the water this summer, marine experts warn beware of sharks. Four great white sharks have been detected near the Tri-State Area in the past few weeks as they make their annual migration from Florida to Canada.   

But on Monday, the only worry at Coney Island was Whack-A-Mole. And even as the day wound down, summer was just getting started. 

"We only got three more months. So let's make it work," said Teddy Lopez. 

Starting in June, Friday night fireworks are back at Luna Park every week through August. 

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