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Weather warnings persist across Tri-State Area amid dangerously cold temperatures

New Yorkers try to stay warm in frigid temperatures
New Yorkers try to stay warm in frigid temperatures 01:50

NEW YORK -- Folks across the Tri-State Area did what they could to tolerate the bitter cold temperatures Saturday.

New York City lifted its Code Blue on Saturday morning, but reinstated it as temperatures fall below freezing for the night again. 

Saturday morning, New Yorkers were bundled up as they walked through the bitter cold. 

"You know what, it's supposed to be like this. It's the winter in New York City. Let's go," one woman said. 

"I'm a New Yorker. It's like regular for us," another woman said. 

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Cold weather warnings persist amid frigid temps New York City 02:47

Code Blue takes effect when temperatures drop to 32 degrees or below between 4 p.m. and 8 a.m. That was certainly the case overnight Friday and will be through Sunday morning. A Cold Blue means no one experiencing homelessness or in need of shelter will be turned away.

Frigid temperatures didn't keep everyone indoors Saturday night, whether it was their choice or not.

"It's too cold today. Too much," delivery worker Eloy said.

The bitter blast didn't stop essential workers from being out in the elements and on city streets -- from police officers and delivery workers to street vendors, reporters and photographers.

"I have to pay my rent. I have kids, I have to feed them. They have a lot of stuff to pay," street vendor Anna said.

People were bundled up in scarves, hats and gloves, and kept warm with hot chocolate, hot doughnuts and lots of layers.

Despite frozen fountains and below freezing temperatures, many in Bryant Park said this winter weather is like an old friend they missed.

"I like working here, even though it's cold. This is a seasonal job. It's mandatory to work outside," Melanie Chuqui said.

Ten-year-old Gauge Schwitzer was among those on the crowded ice rink.

"Isn't too cold to be out here?" CBS New York's Jennifer Bisram asked.

"Yes, but it's so fun doing it," Gauge said.

Three-year-old Laila and her parents braved the cold to have some fun on the ice, too.

"It's her first time ice skating," mom Kassie Fernandez said.

"You chose the coldest day," Bisram said.

"Yeah, we did," Fernandez said.

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Tri-State Area residents coping with bitter cold 01:57

New Jersey is also dealing with cold temperatures on top of snow that froze overnight. 

Ten-year-old Luisa Pereira made the trip from Roselle Park to Floods Hill in South Orange to go sledding; what else is there to do in these face-numbing temperatures?

"I wanted like the crunchy type of snow, but we got ice, just like pure ice," Luisa said.

The hill wasn't completely snow-covered, but don't let the dirt patches fool you.

"There's a few grassy spots, but since it's so cold and icy, the fact that we don't have much snow is alright," West Orange resident Fisher Neal said.

The cold hard ground turned the park into a sled cemetery; the ground is just so rock solid, some plastic saucers don't stand a chance.

"I think the last couple of winters have been warm, so people have gotten a little complacent with their tolerance for cold," South Orange resident Noah Goldman said.

So they're making the most of it, even with some popped snow tubes. 

The Madison Ice Rink was also packed.

For Lorraine Quevillion, originally from Quebec City, Canada, Saturday's weather was "paradise," but for those hitting the roads, it's best to keep an eye out for icy patches.

"It's been a lot of battery replacements recently," said Tom Schuster, owner of Alberona Auto Clinic in Verona.

Schuster has kept busy these past few days. He recommends getting car batteries checked during oil changes throughout the year to avoid any issues in the cold. 

"Check your fluids, all of 'em -- oil, coolant, check everything," he added. "If your windshield has ice all over it and you just hop in your car and turn your wipers on, you could rip the rubber right off the blades."

Staying safe in the harsh North Jersey cold doesn't mean you still can't have fun, even if the sun didn't really keep you warm.

The National Weather Service issued warnings for the area to proceed with extra caution while outside. 

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