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CBS Using Innovative Technology To Enhance NFL Fans' Game-Watching Experience

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- Fans watching the "NFL on CBS" this upcoming season will see new innovative technology to enhance their game-watching experience.

CBS2's Steve Overmyer reported CBS will continue to use 4K sideline cameras to more accurately show key moments in super slow-motion replays. Viewers will also see more pylon cameras at every corner of the end zone.

However, the most anticipated new technology is the Eyevision 360 which uses 36 cameras around the stadium to provide a 360 degree matrix-style view of every play. It will return to select games this season after winning an Emmy for Best New Technology.

"And I go, 'It looks like these guys are wide open,' and when you stand behind there, all you see is helmets and big people and you're like, 'What the hell's going on?'" said NFL analyst and former New York Giants quarterback Phil Simms.

This year's coverage will be enhanced as the games will now be streaming on Twitter.

"The social aspects of it and the fact, as I said, the audience is younger," said CBS Sports chairman Sean McManus. "I think it will potentially bring in a new audience and Twitter is going to do an enormous amount to promote the product to an audience that might not see NFL promotions otherwise."

Watching the "NFL on CBS," viewers are reminded the star is always the game itself.

"You never know what you're gonna get," said CBS analyst and former NFL tight end Tony Gonzalez. "People love the unpredictability – at least I do."

CBS will have more NFL games than any other network. The season opener is Sept. 11 and the first prime time broadcast will be the New York Jets and Buffalo Bills on Sept. 15.

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