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Bed Bugs Infest Brooklyn College Library

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- Bed bugs have infested the library at Brooklyn College.

Freshman Eduardo Astudillo told CBS2's Ali Bauman that he found a bed bug on him while he was studying in the library.

"I was sitting on top of the cushion chairs and one of the bed bugs crawled on top of my arm," he said.

School officials said the bugs were found and treated in two buildings, including the library. Many students are avoiding the library, despite final exams being a month away.

"It makes you scared. It makes you think there's stuff on you constantly all the time," senior Demi Agapitos said.

Students are worried that they will catch the creepy crawlers walking through campus.

"You don't know if the kids are carrying it on them, too, now with book bags, pants, sweatshirts and whatnot," John Morrison said.

The college is encouraging students to report any bed bug sightings.

"Bed bugs, in particular, tend to get people nervous, so we want to make sure we're addressing everything as quickly and as thoroughly as possible," said Jason Cary of the Brooklyn College Office of Communications.

"Close down school for a week and clear it out – during finals week preferably," Morrison said.

The bed bug problems comes weeks after the school said its cafeteria was temporarily shut down after a health inspection revealed rodent droppings.

According to the Health Department, bed bugs hide in clothing, furniture, floors and walls.

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