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'It's Interesting To Look At A-List Rock Stars As Parents': David Heilbroner, Kate Davis, Tamara Weiss On 'Born Into The Gig' Documentary

(CBS Local)-- Carly Simon, James Taylor, Bill Withers, and Stephen Still all have something in common.

They are all-time great musicians who also have kids in the music industry. A new documentary from directors David Heilbroner and Kate Davis and producer Tamara Weiss called "Born Into The Gig" explores the lives of their children Ben Taylor, Kori Withers, Sally Taylor, Chris Still, and the grandson of Bob Marley, Skip Marley. The documentary, which premiered at the DOC NYC Film Festival, examines how these kids have dealt with the immense pressure of doing the same thing as their famous parents.

"I've been a music lover since I was a kid and when Tamara approached us to do this, I was like what is it like when Dad is Bill Withers who wrote Ain't No Sunshine," said Heilbroner in an interview with CBS Local's DJ Sixsmith. "How do you find your own identity when you have a shadow that big looming over you. We found a tribe and I don't think they knew they were a tribe."

"For some of them, the experience is kind of lonely," said director Kate Davis. "The spotlight is on your parents and you are toddling behind them as little kids. They don't necessarily know what other kids in similar situations in this rarefied world go through."

The documentary features interviews with Withers, Simon, and Still about their careers and lives as parents and also gives their kids the opportunity to have the spotlight for the first time.

"We really got to see the incredibly competitive dynamic between parents and children," said Heilbroner. "They are vying for the same space in a funny way."

"There is a lot of love between the parents and the children," said Tamara Weiss. "The toughest thing is deciding to do the same thing as your epicly talented parents. That alone is really challenging because the bar is so high. A lot of these kids look like their parents and may sound like their parents. I think there are a lot of challenges for them."

"It's interesting to look at A-list rock stars as parents," said Davis. "It was a challenge to reframe their lives because they are parents. Maybe they became parents in a crazy age, and they were on stage more than they were at home, but there is love in the mix."

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