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Exclusive: Convicted Cop Killer To Be Released On Parole, Widow Of Officer Says She Wasn't Notified About Latest Hearing

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- A woman convicted in the killing of a police officer in 1998 is about to be released on parole.

But the widow of the officer says she was never even notified by the parole board about the latest hearing and didn't have a chance to appear before it.

"I think of everything he's missed out on the whole 21 years. I think of the life we could've had together," Margaret Mosomillo said in an exclusive interview with CBS2's Alice Gainer.

Mosomillo was 29 years old when her husband, NYPD officer Anthony Mosomillo, was shot and killed in the line of duty in May 1998.

Betsy Ramos was sentenced to 15 years to life for her role in the murder.

For the past six years, Mosomillo and her daughter have gone before the parole board where she delivers a victim impact statement.

Margaret Mosomillo and Anthony Mosomillo (Credit: CBS2)

"Never missed a letter, never missed a parole board hearing," she said.

But earlier this month, she received a letter that shocked her.

"Saying that the inmate had met in front of the parole board and she was granted release," Mosomillo said.

Mosomillo was floored since the last letter she received before that was from January, which read "release was denied."

She called the parole board's office of victim assistance, which said they had sent her a letter informing her Ramos appealed the last decision and that Ramos would be re-interviewed by a different parole board panel in October.

Mosomillo says she never received that letter and neither did a lawyer provided by the PBA or her brother-in-law -- the three people who usually receive them. She was told the U.S. Mail must have failed her.

She feels being there in person to deliver a victim impact statement could've made a difference.

"Showing them that, you know, my husband had a family. He had much to live for," Mosomillo said.

The department of corrections and community supervision says family members of Officer Mosomillo were notified.

It also adds that, as for Ramos, "upon her release from DOCCS custody, she will be taken into the custody of a federal agency on an outstanding warrant and will not be released to the community," since at the time of the murder, Ramos was on probation.

That brings little comfort to Mosomillo.

"I feel that she's not paying for the crime of killing my husband," she said.

The PBA is furious, alleging this isn't the first time this has happened and that the office of victim assistance should be shuttered.

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