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B&C Morning Show: Mike Tyson Is Radio Gold

The one and only Mike Tyson gave Boomer and Craig a call this morning -- and the guy who was once known as 'the baddest man on the planet' had some pretty interesting things to say, which really should come as no surprise.

As Tyson prepares to take his 'one-man show' on the road in the form of a tour, he joined the boys to promote it a bit.

The guys asked him about making the transition from 'Iron Mike' to the man he is today - dropping the 'psycho tough guy act' as he put it.  According to Mike, it was no real adjustment and these days he is 'just grateful he can breathe God's air.'  He said he has no regrets getting his face tattooed and claimed that 'if you're over 30 and not bougie, then you're probably doing something wrong.'

We learned Mr. Tyson does not have attractive feet and that his wife will not allow him to get a massage from a female masseuse.  Then the subject of pigeons came up - a bird that Tyson has a great affinity for - and from there things got a little strange. Make that really strange.

Tyson compared boxing to performing in his shows, admitted to 'paying for booty' in the past (apparently paying a lot) and repeatedly referred to Boomer as an 'assassin' before saying goodbye...

LISTEN: Mike Tyson Is Radio Gold (12/06)

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