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B&C Morning Show: Al Dukes Likes To Palm It

For some reason or another Al "Hughes" Dukes was very upset this morning.  Although he wouldn't admit it, I think it it had something to do with the fact that Boomer was not around today. The two of them have grown very close.

Anyway, when Al gets upset, he often likes to fire up his Twitter account (@Alsboringtweets), which he did this morning. Craig noticed and asked Al if he would like to talk about his feelings.  Actually, he made fun of Al for being upset that "Norm McDonald's Sports Show" got canceled by Comedy Central.

Al was also angry to learn that the shower scrunchie he has been using is actually just a huge bacteria ball because it never fully dries.  Dominique tipped him off to this after she performed her own test, which turned Craig's stomach.

So all in all it was a rather informative segment, during which we also learned all about Al's palming method...

LISTEN: Al Dukes Likes to Palm It (6/21)

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