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First Alert Weather | Climate change: Protecting our planet

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First Alert Weather | Climate Change: Protect Our Planet special 24:09

From the top of a volcano in Hawaii to highways across the country, we'll help you understand where carbon dioxide in the atmosphere comes from and how it's warming our planet.

Lonnie Quinn will take us through the impact in our area, and explain why we're seeing more extreme weather events. 

Learn the small actions you can take now to reduce your own carbon footprint and help protect our planet for the future. 


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First Alert Weather | Climate Change: Protect Our Planet special 24:09
By CBS New York Team

Understanding how carbon is warming the Earth

The invisible problem: Carbon dioxide 12:21

Carbon dioxide comes from the fossil fuel energy we use, the vehicles we drive and the products we make. And according to NASA, people have raised the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere by 50% since the beginning of the 18th century.  

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By David Schechter

Climate anxiety poses concern for young people especially

Expert tips on coping with climate anxiety 02:49

As our climate changes and extreme weather events increase, climate anxiety becomes more prevalent - especially among our youngest generation.  

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By Vanessa Murdock

Becoming energy efficient starts at home

Protecting our planet may sound daunting, but changing the course of the climate crisis starts in your own home.

Keeping out air from outdoors is key, using energy-efficient windows and doors that are properly sealed. Weatherizing your home in various ways can earn you tax credits.

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Small changes can help you become more energy efficient 01:54
By Jessi Mitchell

What carbon emissions mean for changing winter weather

Carbon emissions contribute to changing winter weather 03:20

CBS2's Lonnie Quinn and Giorgio Panetta break down the challenges of forecasting in the video above. 

By Lonnie Quinn

Common sense steps to take to prepare for storms

Common sense steps you can take to prepare for storms 01:46

With the frequency and intensity of damaging storms on the rise, there are common steps we need to take now to get ready. 

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By John Elliott

Amid concern about extreme weather events, most want Congress to fight climate change

As Americans look ahead, more than half are pessimistic about the prospect of extreme weather events and climate, particularly those who report having faced more extreme weather in their local area in recent years. They say this experience with extreme weather has led them to be more concerned about climate change.   

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By Jennifer De Pinto
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