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Work in 2020 | BTalk


Morris Miselowski
(Episode 770: 14 minutes 48) Listen on iTunes.
What will you be doing in nine years' time? Business futurist Morris Miselowski reckons there's a far stronger chance you will be working for yourself, consulting to other businesses, as organisations shift to a task-focus and replace full-time employees with people hired for specific projects. Communications will enable the best in their field to be brought in virtually to work on these tasks. It means now might be the time to consider going it alone --- or at least preparing yourself for that eventuality.

In this edition of BTalk, Morris talks about other shifts in the work environment in 2020. With us working more with people from different parts of the world we will all have to become far more wordly, understanding the idiosyncrasies of working with people from a mix of cultures.

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