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"Trump Baby" coming back to London, and this year it will have company

Controversies at outset of Trump's U.K. visit
Controversies at outset of Trump's U.K. visit... 07:03

London — A balloon depicting President Trump as a giant, diaper-clad baby will fly again in London this week during protests of his official state visit to Britain, activists said Monday.  This year, there will be another giant depiction of Mr. Trump at Tuesday's protests as well.

"Our balloon is part of a proud history of political satire in the U.K. that sends a clear, orange, message to Trump and his politics of hate; that they are not welcome here," Anna Vickerstaff, who plans to be one of the people guiding the balloon, wrote in an op-ed in London's Independent newspaper Monday.

During his 2018 visit to the U.K., Mr. Trump said the balloon made him less inclined to visit the capital.

"I guess when they put out blimps to make me feel unwelcome, no reason for me to go to London," he told Britain's Sun newspaper in an interview at the time.

The group behind "Trump Baby," which appeared during last year's protests, had vowed to fly it again if they could raise at least £30,000 (about $50,000) for anti-racism and climate change charities.

They surpassed that goal and announced the balloon would fly again. But this year, it will have company.

"Dumping Trump"

An American dinosaur and robotics expert has commissioned a giant, $25,000 robot depicting the U.S. president on a golden toilet, tweeting.

The robot says — in Mr. Trump's voice — things like, "No collusion," and "I'm a very stable genius." Protesters plan to wheel it through Tuesday's march in central London.

A large robot depicting President Trump on the toilet will be paraded through protests in London on June 3, 2019. Don Lessem

Don Lessem, the the founder of Pennsylvania-based Dino Don Inc., which creates robotic dinosaur exhibits around the world, commissioned the robot. He was an adviser on the Steven Spielberg movie, Jurassic Park, and has written 40 books on natural history, according to the company's website.

"He uses humor as his weapon of choice to combat what he thinks is a very serious problem," Dre Demas, chief installer for Dino Don Inc., told CBS News.

The robot will be wearing a hat reading: "Make America Great Again. Impeach me."

Trump-related demonstrations

One of the first official protests against Mr. Trump began Monday evening. A couple hundred activists gathered near Buckingham Palace with the goal of making as much noise as possible overnight.

The biggest protest is planned for Tuesday, however, beginning in London's iconic Trafalgar Square.

Thousands plan to march past Downing Street and end up outside Parliament. The march is being hosted and backed by at least 15 separate organizations, and almost 35,000 people have expressed interest in attending via Facebook.

Nearly three dozen pro-Trump demonstrators were out demonstrating Tuesday morning, some wearing MAGA hats, others carrying a banner saying "Welcome President Trump."

"The people who speak out against him are the loudest voices, but there's a lot of silent majority in this country who do support Trump," Alexander Musset, who was carrying the banner, told CBS News.

"The ones who do support him are quiet," he said.

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